Exciting Things that are happening with the company

Playground Entertainment Group, Inc., a global animated media and consumer products company, is pleased to announce the development of five exciting marketing developments. PEG’s “Sports for Kids™” products provide children hours of instruction, fun, fitness, team building and social interaction skills through soccer and other popular sports.

PEG has two exciting new developments to share about the company/s websites. The first development is that PEG has just retained the services of Ripe Concepts to develop two new children’s websites. The first is ClubSquishy.com, this will be an interactive site with free games, free membership and will promote the highly successful main character Squishy. Our second website will be AskSquishy.com and will allow the world to seek advice about everything sports related from Squishy himself. Ripe Concepts is a leading website builder and excited about the opportunity. Ripe Concepts’ past clients have included Warner Bros. and Saban Entertainment The artwork for these websites is being done be renowned Los Angeles artist Fernado Munoz.

“Our Marketing team is excited to bring ClubSquishy.com into every child’s home. This will be an entertainment portal that kids will spend hours on. for free.,” said Christian Andino, Press Agent, Playground Entertainment Group. “We’re excited about these websites. We look forward to promoting an ‘I can’ attitude among children in sports through engaging social media. Our sites will be world class and offer extensive free entertainment”

Our Character Squishy has made his video debut on the website NewVideos.com to roaring success. PEG placed two videos on the site to introduce our character and we have gained a following of over 1300 views of it. NewVideos.com is a leading global video sharing website. Playground entertainment has an agreement to be one of the featured videos on the front page of NewVideos.com This will give Playground Entertainment thousands of free views of it’s videos.

PEG is developing a new innovative soccer blog. PEG has acquired the domain name KidsSoccerBlog.com to give parents and children a complete soccer blogging experience. Playground has hired Benno Sebastian a leader in international Blog building to develop the site so we can reach our core demographics effectively in educating parents and children.

PEG has retained the services of Sid Kaufman of NS Bienstock, a major talent agency based in New York dealing with world class clients in entertainment development. Playground Entertainment is seeking a co production deal to develop a unique television program with our extensive family of animated characters. “Playground Entertainment Group is in pre-production on twenty six, fifteen minute shows for international distribution.” Says Gino Frye, CEO. “We are excited that our message to promote children’s fitness through our characters will get an international audience.

About Playground Entertainment Group, Inc.

Based in Southern California, Playground Entertainment Group, Inc. is a visionary global media and consumer products company that promotes healthy lifestyles to children ages 3-7 through sports participation. Offering multi-platform high-quality content, the company helps kids learn sports skills, develop confidence, and embrace lifelong participation. Youngsters learn to play the fun way with Squishy™ the talking soccer ball and his fun-loving animated Sports for Kids™ friends.Meet Squishy Video


Christian Andino
Playground Entertainment Group
Press Agent