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Playground Entertainment Group, Inc. (PEG), a global children’s media and consumer products company that features an inspiring cast of lovable kid-friendly animated characters, is pleased to announce a number of exciting new developments.  PEG’s “Sports for Kids™” videos, games, apps, and consumer products will now provide children with even more hours of instruction, fun, fitness, team building and social interaction skills by offering an even greater number of opportunities for virtual interactive play to involve soccer and other highly popular sports.

Playground Entertainment Group has retained NS Bienstock agency, based in New York, to represent its interests.   Agent Sid Kaufman, a 30 year veteran of the licensing industry, will rep Playground Entertainment Group’s character “Squishy” to a variety of international co-production and merchandising partners. Mr. Kaufman previously served as president of Universal Studios Merchandising and held senior executive positions at Nelvana, Live Nation Merchandising and Brand Sense Partners, a major entertainment talent agency based in New York.  NS Bienstock has represented more than 600 leading celebrities and media properties. Bienstock will represent PEG’s children’s properties to its many seasoned entertainment media, toy, and consumer products distribution relationships.

PEG is pleased to announce that noted web developer Ripe Concepts was recently retained by PEG to develop two new children’s websites. The first website,, is a global interactive website that offers free membership and free games designed to further promote its already successful and much beloved main character Squishy to children worldwide. The second website,, allows young people everywhere to seek advice from Squishy himself about all things sports related.  Ripe Concepts’ past clients have included Warner Bros. and Saban Entertainment.  Artwork for the websites was created by renowned Los Angeles artist Fernando Munoz.

“Our Marketing team is very excited to bring into children’s homes through a highly popular free worldwide entertainment portal that kids can spend many hours interacting with,” said Christian Andino, Playground Entertainment Group’s Marketing Coordinator. “We really look forward to promoting an ‘I can’ attitude among children in sports as they increasingly engage with our fun and educational characters, world class social media, and extensive free entertainment.”

PEG is further introducing two new pioneering children’s videos on, a leading global video sharing website.  PEG created an English and Spanish language version of the videos to ensure its fun and engaging characters will become even more widely accessible to the massive loyal following that the characters have already built among children.  Alvaro Montenegro, a Clio winning writer and director, has joined the company to assist with all of PEG’s Spanish language production. Because of the popular demand for PEG’s characters, and PEG have entered into an agreement to ensure that the videos will be featured on the front page of’s website.  The prime placement will take even greater advantage of the characters’ soaring popularity, inspire many thousands of additional views of PEG videos, and thus give PEG even more promotional brand exposure.

Simultaneously, PEG is developing an innovative new soccer blog,  The site will give parents and children a complete interactive blogging experience devoted to the world of soccer. PEG has hired Benno Sebastian, a renowned leader known for building internationally successful blogging sites,  to develop the site.  PEG and Sebastian are designing the site to provide another efficient means to reach PEG’s core demographics and entertain and educate parents and children.

PEG is also developing a unique television program that will leverage and cross-promote its above extensive family of its animated characters to the public. “Currently, we are in pre-production on twenty six, fifteen minute episodes for international distribution.” said Gino Frye, CEO. “We are excited that our strong family -centric message designed to promote children’s fitness and positive self-images for young people through steady interaction and engagement with our wonderful family of kid-friendly characters will now be able to reach a truly international audience, and that we can bring a more fun based approach to sports and learning to kids worldwide, as a result.”

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Based in Southern California, Playground Entertainment Group, Inc. is a visionary global media and consumer products company that promotes healthy lifestyles to children ages 3-7 through sports participation. Offering multi-platform high-quality content, the company helps kids learn sports skills, develop confidence, and embrace lifelong participation. Youngsters learn to play the fun way with Squishy™ the talking soccer ball and his fun-loving animated Sports for Kids™ friends.


Christian Andino
Marketing Coordinator
Playground Entertainment Group
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Learn to play the fun way with Playground Entertainment Group, home of Squishy® the talking soccer ball and his fun-loving animated friends. Active kids are healthy kids – and Squishy® and his friends the Magic Chalkboard™ & Chalky™, Knuckles™, Splasher™, Dimples™ & Teeter™, Slappy™, Zip & Zap™and Shrill™ know just what to do. With their own spirited and diverse styles, they teach young children how to play their favorite sports like soccer, baseball, swimming, golf and hockey. Young children will discover how fun and easy sports can be as this playful cast of characters shows them the ropes via DVDs, an interactive website, live events, films, television shows, games and devices, mobile applications, sporting goods and other consumer products. Playground Entertainment Group, Inc., a visionary global media and consumer products company, is taking aim at childhood obesity by promoting sports participation to children ages 3-7.

Committed to creating multi-platform high-quality content, the company helps kids learn sports skills, develop confidence and embrace lifelong participation. Playground Entertainment Group is committed to empowering young children to lead healthy and active lives by playing sports. Teaching kids sports skills establishes a lifelong, “I Can” attitude. This keeps them in the game longer and instills a confidence that leads to ongoing success. Key partnerships are helping achieving this goal with Our websites are and Follow us on Facebook at and Follow us on Twitter @AskSquishy our phone number is 310-374-0110