New Developments With Gaming

Playground Entertainment Group developing Club

Squishy Website

Playground Entertainment Group is developing a number of interactive games to engage children to strengthen social media presence

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 16, 2012 –
The mission of Playground Entertainment Group is to provide children ages 3-7, the educational tools they need in order to develop skills to be successful in team sports so they can remain active in team sports.

Playground Entertainment Group has a few new exciting developments to share about our company.  In order to increase our level of engagement with our 3-7 age demographic we are developing a gaming site called Club Squishy.

On this site children will be able to enroll in a free membership to access a number of open-ended features that include but are not limited to: free games, free coloring, free membership cards and free videos.

This will allow kids to post their activity on Club Squishy to different social media sites, such as and  as well as other sites to bolster PEG’s social media presence in the online community.  PEG’s team of web developers estimate having the site up and running by the end of December, just in time for the soccer season.



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